Our Partners

We apply our partnership approach across all of our business relationships, including our employees, limited partners, co-investors, and management partners. We are hands-on advisors, actively participating in the creation of value for our portfolio assets. And as needed, we leverage the operating experience of our highly successful limited partner base to add value to our portfolio assets. Our initial investors re-invest because of the substantial returns we have generated in the past. We source many of our transactions through quality deal referrals from our industry contacts and limited partners.

Leveraging our Network

Through our role as an advisor on distressed real estate transactions over the last decade we formed an extensive network with first-tier financial institutions, law firms, consulting firms and accounting firms.

Financial Partners Accounting Partners Legal Partners Consulting Partners

Financial Partners

Yangji Asset Management has built long-term relationships with Limited Partners representing many leading institutional investors in Korea.


Investment Trusts

Government Entities



Legal Partners

Through our national and international legal network, comprised of first-tier law firms and lawyers, we deliver leading-edge proprietary capabilities and deep expertise in construction and real estate law as well as M&A, corporate restructuring and bankruptcy law. Our partners include:

Consulting & Accounting Partners

Our consulting and accounting partners include: