Investment Approach

Our Strategy

Yangji Asset Management invests in underperforming or distressed real estate assets and unlocks upside potential with hands-on operational experience, market know-how and specific competences in restructuring and turnaround management.

Our core investment strategy is the active turnaround of real estate properties in underperforming situations which demonstrate viable market opportunities with tangible and realizable operational improvement potentials. After the successful turnaround and repositioning of our properties we seek to divest from our investments and develop promising exit scenarios for our assets.

Our Investment Criteria

Our main regional investment focus is South-Korea. We only invest in distressed real estate properties with a promising business model with existing market demand and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Target Properties
  • Promising business model with existing market demand and sustainable competitive advantages
  • Underperformance with significant and manageable improvement potentials
Targeted Ownership
  • Control / majority position (>75%)
Investment Horizon
  • Depending on the achievement of the turnaround (1 - 5 years)
Geographical Focus
  • South-Korea
  • Opportunistic approach in Asia-Pacific region